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Ford's Pikes Peak Race E-Truck: A New Era of Performance

03 Jun 2024
  • What are the design features of the Ford Pikes Peak Race E-Truck?
  • What are the specifications of the Ford Pikes Peak Race E-Truck?

Ford is making a bold return to the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb next month with an extraordinary electric pickup truck. The Blue Oval, known for its innovations and engineering prowess, has been teasing this "EV demonstrator" since March. Now, Ford has unveiled the full details of this wild vehicle, revealing its astonishing capability to generate 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour. This level of downforce is unprecedented, making the SuperTruck Demonstrator one of the most extreme pickups ever created.

Aerodynamics and Design: The Key to Downforce

Aerodynamics and Design: The Key to Downforce

The SuperTruck Demonstrator achieves its remarkable downforce through a combination of advanced aerodynamics and aggressive design. The truck features a massive goose-neck wing that extends from the rear, towering above the cab's roof. This wing is crucial for providing the necessary downforce to keep the truck stable at high speeds. Additionally, the vehicle boasts a wide front splitter, outlets behind the front wheels, and a substantial rear diffuser. These elements work in harmony to enhance the truck's aerodynamic efficiency and grip.

Developed in partnership with STARD, the SuperTruck Demonstrator showcases Ford's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance. The truck's design and engineering bear similarities to the SuperVan 4.2, which Ford entered in last year's Pikes Peak event. Like the SuperVan, the new pickup features an aggressive aero kit that ensures it remains firmly planted through the course's 156 turns.

Power and Performance

Power and Performance

While Ford has been tight-lipped about the specific powertrain details of the SuperTruck Demonstrator, there are strong indications that it could feature a setup similar to the SuperVan 4.2. The SuperVan's triple-motor configuration produced an impressive 1,400 horsepower, and the previous SuperVan 4.0 version boasted four motors generating a staggering 1,972 horsepower. If the new electric pickup follows suit, it could deliver comparable, if not greater, performance.

Ford's history of creating high-performance electric demonstrators adds to the anticipation. Earlier this year, the company unveiled the F-150 Switchgear, developed in collaboration with RTR. Based on the production Lightning platform, this vehicle was enhanced for off-road capability with skid plates, composite body panels, and a new suspension system. The SuperTruck Demonstrator, however, is focused on on-road and track performance, particularly the grueling Pikes Peak climb.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as "The Race to the Clouds," is one of the most challenging motorsport events in the world. Covering a distance of 12.42 miles with 156 turns, the course ascends 4,720 feet from the starting line to the summit at 14,115 feet above sea level. The thin air at high altitudes tests the limits of both vehicles and drivers, making downforce and aerodynamics even more critical.

Ford will continue to tease details of the SuperTruck Demonstrator leading up to the event's 102nd running, which begins on June 23. The truck will be piloted by Romain Dumas, the current record holder for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Dumas' expertise and experience will be crucial in navigating the challenging course and showcasing the full potential of Ford's electric pickup.

Ford's SuperTruck Demonstrator won't be the only electric vehicle tackling Pikes Peak this year. A modified Hyundai Ioniq 5 is also set to compete, highlighting the growing interest and competitiveness of electric vehicles in motorsport. As more automakers embrace electric powertrains, events like Pikes Peak serve as proving grounds for new technologies and innovations.

The SuperTruck Demonstrator represents Ford's vision for the future of high-performance electric vehicles. With its incredible downforce, advanced aerodynamics, and potential for immense power, the truck is poised to make a significant impact at Pikes Peak and beyond. As we await more details, one thing is clear: Ford's return to Pikes Peak with this electric beast is set to be a thrilling and historic moment in motorsport.

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