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A New Mazda Rotary Sports Car Is Officially Being Considered

04 Jun 2024
  • How does Mazda's new two-rotor engine prototype in the Iconic SP concept compare to Toyota's inline-four engines and Subaru's hybrid boxer engine?

Mazda enthusiasts and car aficionados alike have reason to celebrate. After years of rumors and speculation, Mazda has officially announced that it is considering a new rotary sports car. This revelation came during a joint conference held earlier this week by Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda, where the trio vowed to preserve and enhance the internal combustion engine's future by making it run cleaner.

Rotary Revival: A Glimpse into the Future

Rotary Revival: A Glimpse into the Future

At the conference, Toyota showcased a series of new inline-four engines while Subaru introduced a next-generation hybrid boxer engine. However, the most exciting development came from Mazda, which unveiled a prototype for a two-rotor engine. Although specific details about this new hardware remain under wraps, Mazda confirmed its potential installation in a future performance vehicle.

The prototype, displayed in the Iconic SP concept, features a two-rotor engine designed to function as a generator, powering the battery rather than being directly connected to the wheels. This design mirrors the setup in the Mazda MX-30, where a single-rotor engine is installed transversely. In the anticipated RX revival, the two-rotor engine would be longitudinally mounted.

Technical Highlights

Mazda's new rotary engine is envisioned to bring several key benefits:

Longitudinal Mounting: Enhances power generation capacity and supports a lower center of gravity.

Vibration and Emissions Improvements: Increased displacement aims to reduce both vibration and emissions.

Potential for Sports Cars: Specifically designed with sports cars in mind, providing the necessary power and efficiency.

The RX Legacy and Future Prospects

Mazda's potential RX revival harkens back to the company's rich history with rotary sports cars. The last model to feature a rotary engine was the RX-8 Spirit R, which bid farewell in 2012. The announcement of this new project comes on the heels of revelations that an RX-7 reboot was once considered in the mid-2000s but shelved due to the financial crisis.

Despite the challenges, Mazda's commitment to the rotary engine has not wavered. The company established a dedicated rotary engine team in February, consisting of 36 engineers focused on developing "attractive cars that excite customers."

The Iconic SP Concept: Bigger and Bolder

The Iconic SP concept, where the new rotary engine prototype was showcased, was intentionally made larger to create a significant impact at the Japan Mobility Show, according to Mazda's Chief Designer Masashi Nakayama. The concept car measures 164.6 inches in length and 82.8 inches in width, making it substantially larger than the Miata ND, yet it remains a two-seater.

Weighing in at 3,197 pounds with a 50:50 weight distribution and packing 365 horsepower, the Iconic SP concept boasts twice the power of the MX-5 Miata, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

While Mazda has recently updated the current Miata, a fifth-generation model seems unlikely in the near future. The big question remains whether a production version of the Iconic SP will become the next MX-5 or if Mazda plans to introduce a larger, more premium sports car.

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