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Renault’s Master Van is the Urban Champion of Efficiency and Reliability

19 Mar 2024
  • How Does This Van Transform Ambitions into Reality?

Everyday heroes, such as service professionals, play a significant role in keeping our lives running smoothly—they're the ones turning the wheels of society. These dedicated individuals form the backbone of urban hustle, and for some, their daily routine revolves around their reliable companion: the Renault Master Van.

From delivery drivers navigating through the morning traffic to tradespeople carrying equipment for their next job, this van significantly enhances their pursuit of efficiency and service excellence.

Empowering Everyday Heroes on the Move

Empowering Everyday Heroes on the Move

Handyman Rohan's Master Van is a familiar sight around Al-Ghubaiba, Deira. The vehicle’s robust durability withstands the harsh heat, while the spacious cargo area acts as a mobile warehouse/workshop filled with tools and parts, delivering expertise and problem-solving directly to customers' doorsteps.

Mark's catering business flourishes with the Master Van, notably for its capability to maintain food quality on the move. The temperature-controlled cargo area ensures his Levantine dishes remain as fresh upon arrival as when they left the kitchen. The van's comfortable driver's seat and smooth handling alleviate the fatigue of long nights at events.

Every morning, Emma loads her Renault Master with the fresh scent of roses, lilies, and daffodils. Driving through her patch to deliver floral arrangements, the van's spacious interior safeguards her delicate flowers. The hands-free parking feature facilitates easy navigation into tight urban spaces for her frequent drop-offs, making her day more efficient and less stressful.

This Renault combines smart design with practicality. Its adaptable space meets the needs of various jobs, whether it’s delivering packages or transporting equipment. Features like the user-friendly R-LINK 2 system and green engine choices make for a smarter, smoother workday.

Renault's dedication to durability ensures reliability day in and day out. Additionally, designed with the future in focus, it stands as an intelligent choice for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

Stepping into the role of the everyday heroes behind the wheel of the Renault Master, we observe how this van goes beyond mere transportation; it fosters ambitions, fuels businesses, and remarkably keeps pace with the demands of urban life.

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Al-Futtaim Toyota unveils new GR86 coupe at Dubai Autodrome

23 Apr 2024
Al-Futtaim Toyota unveils new GR86 coupe at Dubai Autodrome

Toyota GR owners in the United Arab Emirates were amongst the first in the country to be treated to a surprise unveiling of the new Toyota GR86 Coupe. Guests attending the Suhoor on the Track event hosted by Al-Futtaim Toyota for GR owners at the Dubai Autodrome enjoyed the exclusive reveal whilst enjoying an evening of fine food and driving thrills on Dubai’s world-renowned racing circuit.

With the launch of the new Toyota GR86, sports car enthusiasts in the United Arab Emirates can look forward to an exciting, yet accessible addition to Al-Futtaim Toyota’s GR (GAZOO RACING) collection with the launch of the new Toyota GR86. The sleek and stylish coupe provides an entry point to Toyota’s high-performance GR range, bringing the rewards of sports-focused handling and performance to a wider audience.


23 Apr 2024

Sporty at heart, compact in size and Italian style at first sight. The wait is over. Alfa Romeo presents the new ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR to the international press in Milan, at the historic headquarters of the Automobile Club Milano, with a dual purpose: on the one hand, to demonstrate Alfa Romeo’s new language; on the other, to confirm that visceral and proud partnership with the city where Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 as an emblem of the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, founding characteristics that bind the brand to its hometown.

Orders are now open for ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR in the “SPECIALE” launch version, the new gateway to the Alfa Romeo world for everyone, Alfisti fans and beyond, who has been awaiting the brand's return to the segment. To play a leading role, Alfa Romeo offers the sportiest and most exciting compact car to drive in the entire class, being just over 4 metres long.

In a segment populated by sporty versions derived from generalist models, ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is proposed as cool and unique, combining a captivating style with the most advanced technology in terms of connectivity, driving dynamics and uncompromising comfort, as evidenced by the largest trunk among premium competitors (400 L).

ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is available in “IBRIDA” configuration, the first in the segment to also offer the Q4 all-wheel drive variant with automated rear-wheel drive axle management, and as “ELETTRICA,” in two power variants with 156 hp and a range of up to 410 km, as well as the sportier 240-hp VELOCE, the epitome of Alfa Romeo's sporting DNA.

The 805-HP AMG GT63 S E Performance: A New Standard in Mercedes-AMG Supercars

22 Apr 2024
The 805-HP AMG GT63 S E Performance: A New Standard in Mercedes-AMG Supercars

Mercedes-AMG has unleashed its latest creation, and it's nothing short of breathtaking. The GT63 S E Performance stands as a testament to engineering prowess and a bold step forward in hybrid performance vehicles. Packed with an astonishing 805 horsepower and jaw-dropping acceleration figures, this coupe redefines what it means to combine electrification with raw power.