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The Duster Has Been the Pragmatic Powerhouse for Over a Decade

01 Aug 2023
  • What are the versions of Renault Duster?

In May 2012, the Renault Duster's story began when it was introduced under that name as the company’s desert Duster, receiving immediate positive reviews for its performance and price bracket.

After the successful launches of Logan in 2004 and Sandero in 2008, the French firm aimed to provide an affordable yet versatile SUV at the price of a city car. This daring bet paid off as the Duster found its first target markets in countries with fast-growing economies, offering an unprecedented and much-needed SUV option in that category

The versions of the Renault Duster

The versions of the Renault Duster

The 4x2 version featured a 2.0-litre engine producing 135bhp and was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. It was hailed as a real bargain for those seeking a comfortable and reliable family car of this kind.

The Duster was designed with strong front-end features, broad rounded wings, a protective shield, and high ground clearance. Its interior also provided modern, functional, and versatile cabin space with C-segment features offered at B-segment prices. Its strategic pricing helped drive the vehicle’s acquisition figures. By year seven its sales volume had gone up 334%, making it the brand's best-seller worldwide and in the Middle East.

Over the years Renault has continued to enhance the Duster lineup to cater to different customer needs. Along the way they introduced a 4X4 version for all-terrain capabilities and a 4X2 model for versatile driving, expanding the appeal to a broader audience.

The Duster has also demonstrated its off-road prowess by participating in various international races, showcasing its capabilities in events such as the Trophée Andros in France as well as the Gazelles Rally in Morocco.

Over the years, Renault has continuously enhanced the Duster through updates and facelifts, presenting consumers with a dependable, budget-friendly, and accolade-winning SUV. Its charm lies in its simplicity, practicality, and excellent value, contributing to its popularity everywhere and widespread admiration for being versatile and customer-centric. This remarkable journey has left an indelible mark in the industry, firmly establishing the Duster as one of the most coveted SUVs.

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