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Ford Highlights Mustang Driving Experience, GTD's DRS Technology

16 Sep 2023
  • What is the GTD's DRS Technology?
  • What is the aim of the Ford Performance Racing School?

The Ford Mustang has been an automotive icon for decades, known for its raw power, distinctive design, and legendary performance. In a world where electric and hybrid vehicles are on the rise, the Mustang stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional American muscle cars. Ford's commitment to enhancing the Mustang driving experience has never wavered, and one of the latest innovations in this regard is the GTD's DRS (Driving Reimagined System) technology. Moreover, Ford is taking its dedication to the next level by offering Mustang owners the opportunity to enhance their driving skills through the Ford Performance Racing School.

GTD's DRS Technology: Enhancing the Mustang Experience

GTD's DRS Technology: Enhancing the Mustang Experience

The Driving Reimagined System, or DRS, is a technology developed by Ford's engineers to make the Mustang more versatile and enjoyable to drive. DRS is essentially a suite of features that adapt the car's performance characteristics to suit different driving conditions and driver preferences.

Key features of GTD's DRS technology include:

Drive Modes: DRS allows drivers to choose from a range of drive modes, such as Normal, Sport, Track, and Custom. Each mode adjusts various vehicle settings, including throttle response, suspension stiffness, and steering feel, to provide a tailored driving experience.

Adaptive Performance: The Mustang's DRS system constantly monitors driving conditions and makes real-time adjustments to optimize performance. Whether you're navigating a winding mountain road or cruising on the highway, DRS ensures the Mustang handles flawlessly.

Launch Control: For those adrenaline-pumping moments, DRS includes a Launch Control feature that optimizes traction and acceleration off the line, allowing drivers to experience the full power of their Mustang safely.

Customization: Enthusiasts can fine-tune their Mustang's performance through the Custom mode, allowing for personalized settings to match their driving preferences.

The Ford Performance Racing School: Elevating Driver Skills

The Ford Performance Racing School: Elevating Driver Skills

In addition to enhancing the Mustang itself, Ford is taking a proactive approach to elevate the driving skills of Mustang owners. The company understands that owning a high-performance car like the Mustang comes with responsibilities, and safety is paramount. To address this, Ford has partnered with the Ford Performance Racing School to offer specialized training to Mustang owners.

The Ford Performance Racing School is renowned for its comprehensive driving programs that cater to drivers of all skill levels. These programs provide participants with the opportunity to learn from professional instructors, hone their driving techniques, and push their Mustangs to their limits in a controlled and safe environment.

Owners can expect to gain valuable insights into advanced driving techniques, including:

High-Performance Driving: Participants will learn how to harness the full potential of their Mustangs while maintaining control and safety.

Vehicle Dynamics: Understanding how the car behaves in different scenarios is crucial for safe and exhilarating driving. The school's instructors cover topics like weight transfer, braking, and cornering dynamics.

Track Experience: For those interested in taking their Mustang to the track, the school offers dedicated track days where owners can push their cars to the limits under the guidance of experts.

The Ford Mustang has always been about more than just transportation; it's a symbol of American automotive passion and performance. With the introduction of GTD's DRS technology and the partnership with the Ford Performance Racing School, Ford is reaffirming its commitment to enhancing the Mustang driving experience.

Whether you're a long-time Mustang enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of American muscle cars, these innovations promise to make your driving experience more exhilarating, engaging, and safe. The Mustang isn't just a car; it's an icon, and Ford is ensuring it continues to be a beacon of excitement for generations to come.

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