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General Motors’ OnStar launches in Saudi Arabia

11 Feb 2024
  • How does the introduction of OnStar Connected Services by GM in KSA contribute to the country's Vision 2030 goals?
  • How do the safety features offered by OnStar's Protect' plan contribute to enhancing the overall security and peace of mind for drivers in Saudi Arabia?

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide leading connectivity, safety and entertainment solutions to its customers, General Motors (GM) has launched its pioneering in-vehicle technology, OnStar Connected Services, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. OnStar sets a new benchmark with the widest range of convenience and connectivity across Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. OnStar also offers elevated safety and security services, allowing for a suite of innovative offerings to GM customers.

Pioneering Digitalization and Elevating Traffic Safety

Pioneering Digitalization and Elevating Traffic Safety

Saudi Arabia is championing widespread digitalization, aligned with its Vision 2030 to drive modernization, underpinned by innovative technology, while also making significant progress in addressing its traffic safety development through legislative and policy changes. The launch aligns with the nation’s efforts to improve its digital landscape by feeding into enhanced connectivity within mobility as an ongoing focus.

“Launching OnStar in the Kingdom is a milestone in General Motors’ journey towards a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion. We are honored to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s future as it progresses towards its Vision 2030. OnStar Connected Services debut across the Kingdom lays a cornerstone for General Motors’ journey towards its vision of an Electric, Connected and Autonomous future. We envision a fully connected future, which the launch of OnStar actively contributes to.” said Luis De La Cruz, Managing Director for OnStar at General Motors Africa and Middle East.

OnStar is leading the way with the connected car. Through its Connect and Protect plans, Members can access features on OnStar enabled Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. OnStar’s ‘Connect’ plan include user friendly functions to elevate the driving experience such as remote commands, vehicle status checks, on demand diagnostics, connected navigation , destination download as well as 24/7 support from specially trained OnStar Advisors.

OnStar's 'Protect' Plan and Collaborative Launch of Connected Services in KSA

OnStar's 'Protect' Plan and Collaborative Launch of Connected Services in KSA

In addition to this, OnStar’s ‘Protect’ plan ensures the safety and security of drivers remains a fundamental priority. For example, through services such as Automatic Crash Response, OnStar can assist in the event of an emergency, even if the driver can’t ask for help themselves. In addition, OnStar supports with detecting accidents, vehicles being stolen and even misplaced keys, striving to be there for drivers in such instances for added peace of mind.

The launch of OnStar Connected Services in Saudi Arabia is thanks to collaborative efforts with the CST and stc - a testament to the invaluable collaboration to advance solutions that add value and convenience to consumers and road users.

Raed Alfayez, Deputy Governor for IT & ET Sector at Communications, Space and Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia commented, "As per CST’s mandate to regulate the technology sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Internet of Thing (IoT) is one of many pivotal technologies that CST pays a close attention to in order to ensure an innovation and attractive landscape for all players involved. The connected vehicles services is one of the most important IoT use cases that is going to positively impact the people’s quality of life. CST is proactively working with a broad range of private sector stakeholders, such as OnStar, to promote the emerging technologies-based products and solutions in all sectors including the transportation and logistics sector. CST looks forward to continuing working closely with the connected vehicles providers to provide the best services in Saudi Arabia as well as in the region”.

Saud A. Alsheraihi, vice president of products and solutions in enterprise, at the Saudi Telecommunication Company commented, “At stc Group, we strive to drive best in-class communication services in collaboration with our partners, providing comprehensive solutions by leveraging stc’s leading network and digital channels. The OnStar partnership marks the evolution of Connected Car services in Saudi Arabia. Our offering, in conjunction with GM's OnStar services, will advance customer-centric vehicle connectivity. Working with GM not only enhances stc’s growth strategy but also strengthens our efforts to expand our digital infrastructure, in line with the national vision.”

Owners of OnStar equipped Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles can activate OnStar Connected Services by pressing the OnStar Blue Button in their vehicles to access services in the Kingdom or reach out to their dealership.

GM owners can unlock and enjoy free Standard Connectivity for 10 years with benefits like Diagnostic Alerts, Monthly Diagnostic Reports, Dealer Maintenance notifications , Smart Driver and Vehicle Software Updates Over-the-air (as applicable). GM owners can also benefit and enjoy the innovative services that personalize and maximize their ownership experience by subscribing for as low as 109 SAR per month for the Connect Plan or Protect Plan, else opt for the bundle offering at SAR 165. Designed for the way you live and drive, the mobile apps⁶ helps you control your vehicle from anywhere and turn it into a connected marvel. Once activated, Members can enjoy a free trial period of up to two months of the bundle plan.

With a regional based contact center, customers can be assured that an OnStar Advisor⁷ is available 24/7 at the push of a button, able to converse in English and Arabic, and be there to assist Members. OnStar will continue to develop its connectivity, entertainment and safety offerings, enhancing Member experiences as they engage with the subscription services.

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