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VIVATECH 2024 : PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare

18 May 2024
  • What are the innovative features of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT that highlight its commitment to sustainability and advanced design?
  • How is PEUGEOT's Hypersquare steering control, set to be featured in vehicles by 2026?

PEUGEOT, a major player in technological innovation, electrifies VivaTech with its bold concept car INCEPTION, ushering in a new era of electric mobility. On its stand, PEUGEOT presents its vision of the future embodied by the revolutionary Hypersquare steering control– the innovation that redefines the driving experience of tomorrow.

ALLURE: The French public can discover the INCEPTION concept car for the first time.

EMOTION: The Hypersquare steering control radically transforms the driving experience and pleasure.

EXCELLENCE: PEUGEOT is a leader in technological innovation in Europe.

Building on over 200 years of innovation experience, PEUGEOT aims to reinvent the sustainable mobility of tomorrow by placing pleasure and emotion at the heart of the customer experience.



The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT is the expression of PEUGEOT's optimistic vision for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow. Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, it will be presented to the French public for the first time at VivaTech 2024.

Featuring a new design language that exalts its feline and attractive attitude, its revolutionary interior design, and its promise of unprecedented driving sensations, the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT opens a new era and heralds the future electric vehicles of the brand.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT reinterprets the brand's genes, entering a new era of design. It is simpler and purer, with finishes and textures worthy of the digital world. This new design oscillates between sensual lines and athletic curves, more geometric and sharp.

The 100% electric PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT is equipped with 800 V technology. Its 100 kWh battery allows it to travel 800 km on a single charge.

The INCEPTION Concept's interior showcases an array of new techniques that PEUGEOT will deploy to deliver on the STELLANTIS commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 50% by 2030 compared to 2021, becoming fully Carbon Net Zero by 2038:

• Forged textiles: 100% polyester fabric offcuts from the design centre’s

prototyping workshops or suppliers are reused and thermo-compressed under vacuum, with the injection of a binder in the form of a resourced

resin. This extremely hard and durable material can be transformed into structural or trim pieces.

• The fusion of velvet and 3D printing: The upholstery of the seats and floor is made with a very special 100% recycled polyester velvet, which extends onto the floor, printed with 3D patterns to serve as a floor mat.

• Air Quilting® padding: The comfort of the seats is enhanced by the presence of real adjustable mattresses at the shoulder level. This electro- welded, single-material upholstery, which is easy to recycle, is made from inflatable pockets recovered from conventional seats.



With over 12 million models equipped in the past 12 years, the PEUGEOT i- Cockpit® is emblematic of PEUGEOT's innovation in customer service and driving pleasure, as evidenced by the spectacular latest generation of the Panoramic i-Cockpit® introduced in the new PEUGEOT E-3008 and E-5008.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION Concept heralds the next generation of i- Cockpit®, with a completely rethought architecture that replaces the traditional steering wheel and stalks with the Hypersquare steering control, inspired by both digital and video game worlds.

The Hypersquare creates a new natural gesture, simpler and more intuitive. With either a simple click or touch of the fingertips, without removing their hands from the steering control, the driver can manage all the vehicle's parameters. The Hypersquare is brought to live thanks to steer-by-wire technology making driving more instinctive and simpler.

The Hypersquare steering control is combined with a flexible display that broadcasts driving or infotainment information around 360 degrees. This HALO CLUSTER, with its circular screen, provides information to the driver and passengers as they approach the car. This external communication reinforces the concept of sharing and a new vision for the automobile.

The Hypersquare with digital electric controls consists of a screen featuring circular cells at each of its four corners, which have multiple functions:

• The entirely natural and universal grip of the steering control.

• The comfort of fingertip driving.

• The activation of vehicle controls by simple thumb impulses.

The driver discovers a gesture similar to that of daily smartphone use. This intuitive aspect leads to a higher level of safety.

The centre of the Hypersquare consists of a tablet like screen dedicated to displaying control information. The various functionalities (air conditioning, radio volume, driving aids, etc.) are displayed on the two side parts to facilitate access to the chosen command. This command is located inside the circular cells and is accessible by moving only the thumb without releasing the steering control. For even greater driving comfort, the surround of the Hypersquare is made using 3D printing, while at the centre, the digital glass screen gives a high-tech and upscale appearance.

PEUGEOT Hypersquare and the next generation of i-Cockpit®, set to revolutionise the emotion and pleasure of driving, is set to be featured in the brand's upcoming vehicles, by 2026.


At its stand at VivaTech 2024, PEUGEOT welcomes Mobilisights. The Stellantis Business Unit, specialising in Data as a Service (DaaS), provides access to telemetry data from connected PEUGEOT vehicles and other brands of the group.

The data collected by Mobilisights enables the personalisation of the driver's experience through innovative services and applications from a third- party partner ecosystem, with the aim of improving the daily life of drivers, always and only with their consent.

For instance, Mobilisights data can be used to develop intuitive applications for electric vehicle owners that simplify charging, allow precise tracking of its cost, while enhancing the user experience.


PEUGEOT also welcomes its partner, the scale-up Vay to its stand at VivaTech 2024, where PEUGEOT is exploring the potential applications of "remote driving."

"Remote driving" refers to the remote control and operation of a vehicle. This technology allows for the efficient management of multiple vehicles with just one driver located remotely, using cellular connectivity and sensors such as cameras integrated into the vehicles.

At VivaTech 2024, PEUGEOT presents a "telestation" at its stand that enables Vay's highly qualified and certified "teledrivers" to drive remotely by operating the steering, braking, and acceleration of the vehicle. The telestation provides a real-time view of the vehicle's surroundings, ensuring a fully immersive and responsive control.

This technology enables increased efficiency of delivery operations, ‘click- a-button, get-a- car’ services for carsharing and car rental, and enables private cars owners to have their vehicle moved remotely when and where needed.

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