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Afeela Electric Vehicle Unveiled at CES with a PlayStation Twist

24 Jan 2024
  • What are the interior design features of the Afeela?
  • What are the specifications of the Afeela?

In a groundbreaking and unexpected move at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony unveiled its near-production prototype electric vehicle (EV), the Afeela, in a unique and entertaining fashion. The Japanese tech giant's partnership with Honda, established in 2022 under the banner of Sony Honda Mobility, has culminated in the development of the Afeela, which is set to hit assembly lines in 2025.

The Afeela, initially showcased as the Vision-S concept at CES 2020, has undergone significant transformations to emerge as a striking electric sedan. The recent CES showcased a version that is closer to production, featuring traditional side mirrors instead of cameras and a subtly redesigned front bumper with a spoiler lip. The sleek headlights and pillars have received aesthetic enhancements, creating a more refined and polished appearance. At the rear, a new trim piece above the license plate and a protruding element on the bumper add to the car's visual allure.



Inside, the Afeela has undergone additional refinements since its initial concept debut. The cabin, adorned with an array of screens, now boasts a different rearview mirror, a subtly revised yoke-like steering wheel, and dual smartphone wireless chargers. An interesting addition appears to be a camera atop the dashboard, presumably monitoring the driver's actions.



Under the hood, the Afeela packs a dual-motor setup, delivering an all-wheel-drive experience. The front and rear motors each produce 241 horsepower, drawing power from a robust 91.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Notably, the battery can be recharged at impressive rates, with DC charging reaching up to 150 kilowatts and AC charging topping out at 11 kW.

The Afeela is not just a futuristic concept; Sony Honda Mobility plans to open order books for the EV in 2025, with North American deliveries scheduled for early 2026. However, for those eager to experience the Afeela sooner, a virtual opportunity awaits. Sony has announced an update for Gran Turismo 7 this year, allowing gamers to virtually get behind the wheel of the Afeela.

In a world where automotive and gaming technologies continue to converge, Sony's innovative approach to unveiling the Afeela demonstrates the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating memorable experiences for consumers. As the Afeela moves from concept to production, it marks a significant step towards a future where electric vehicles seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology and sustainable mobility.

Wael Nakhle

BY Wael Nakhle

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