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29 Jun 2024
  • How will the SERES AUTO and Green Motors partnership impact sustainable transportation in the UAE?
  • How does the MF platform enhance the safety and luxury experience in SERES vehicles through its advanced safety features and versatile powertrain options?
  • How does SERES' range extender technology improve the driving range and convenience of their electric vehicles in the UAE?
  • How does SERES' factory use Industry 4.0 and 9000-ton die-casting technology to enhance production efficiency?

The UAE automotive landscape is one of the main engines of the UAE's economy with the entry of a brand that epitomizes luxury and intelligent driving. It is currently the second-largest automotive industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The automotive industry’s growth has indicated how it intends to use this sector to support the nation's economic expansion.

SERES AUTO and Green Motors UAE join forces to introduce SERES intelligent luxury electric vehicle (EVs) that combines innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled driving experiences in a mega launch event that took place at Burj Khalifa – Armani Hotel on June 28, 2024 in the presence of Royalty, VIPs and SERES Management.

The event hosted over 200 people in a phenomenal setup that shared the best state of art and technology of the automotive innovative electric business.

“The United Arab Emirates is an important market in the automotive industry; and we at Green Motors UAE are happy to contribute to the growth of this sector that supports the main engines of the UAE’s Economy. SERES Cars will be the innovation and sustainable technology which defines the state of luxury within the electric cars in the UAE. The future is very promising with continued sustained growth ad state of art economic infrastructure. We believe diversification will provide a strong foundation for the economic growth of our nation” said H.E Ahmed Al Dhaheri Chairman of Green Motors UAE.

“As a prominent technology-driven automotive company at the forefront of the new energy vehicle market, SERES is rooted in a 'user-centric' approach, focusing on software-defined vehicles. Supported by the principle of ‘Intelligence Redefining Luxury’ we will continue to advance our leadership in technology and further collaborate with Green Motors to create an ultimate experience for our customers in UAE. “ said Mr. Li Bo, Vice-President of SERES Group and President of SERES Oversees BU.

SERES: A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

SERES: A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

SERES AUTO, established in 1986, has consistently been at the forefront of the automotive industry, specializing in new energy vehicles (NEVs). With a workforce of over 20,000 and a position among China’s top 500 enterprises, SERES has built its reputation on advanced e-powertrain technologies, including battery systems, electric drives, and electric controls​​.

One of SERES AUTO’S core values is focus on being user-centric. This commitment is evident in their innovative approaches to vehicle manufacturing and user experience, aiming to foster a connected automotive ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders​​. Revolutionizing the UAE Automotive Market with the SERES AUTO and Green Motors Partnership

The collaboration between SERES AUTO and Green Motors partnership marks a pivotal moment in the UAE automotive industry. This partnership leverages SERES' expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing and Green Motors robust distribution capabilities to introduce a range of intelligent electric vehicles to the UAE. This move is set to promote sustainable transportation solutions and support the country’s environmental goals​​.

SERES’ latest technology highlight: MF Platform

SERES’ latest technology highlight: MF Platform

The MF platform leads SERES’ Intelligence transformation of luxury, by integrating industry-leading safety performance, powertrains mix, chassis, and software technologies to deliver an easy-to-drive, customer-centric, and ultra-safe luxury driving experience

The MF platform redefines safety by introducing the industry's first comprehensive safety system. Covering over 150 safety scenarios, the MF platform has developed more than 200 safety features and incorporates an industry-leading 40 safety technologies. This comprehensive approach significantly elevates the safety standards of the driving experience.

The MF platform also offers diverse power options. It is currently the only platform in the industry that is compatible with range extender, pure electric, and hybrid power forms, giving users more options.

In terms of versatile space, the super intelligent and flexible MF platform allows for a high degree of customization and scalability across different vehicle models and types, from B-class to D-class, from sedans to SUV, MPV and beyond, ensuring that a wide range of consumer needs can be met efficiently. Regardless of the vehicle type, the MF platform can carry luxurious and comfortable configurations to satisfy the personalized demands of the consumers.

As the heart of SERES’ ‘Intelligence redefining luxury’ vision, the MF platform will deliver industry-leading intelligence to all SERES models, and setting a new standard of the consumer-centric luxury new energy vehicles. It has achieved 100% complete SOA, opened over 1,300 API interfaces, and can integrate more than 5,000 applications, ensuring a completely personalized user experience. Coupled with powerful OTA upgrade capabilities, the MF platform can ensure the vehicle remains contemporary and highly functional, making it a truly smart, user-friendly luxury car.

SERES’ Cutting-edge Range Extender Technology

SERES’ Cutting-edge Range Extender Technology

SERES’ range extender technology is a key innovation in their electric vehicles. This technology extends the driving range of the electric vehicle by incorporating an additional generator that charges the battery when it runs low, thereby significantly enhancing the overall driving range. With this technology, you get the convenience of using electric power for city driving while also having the choice of traditional fuel for longer trips. This range extender technology ensures that drivers can travel longer distances without the anxiety of depleting the battery. This blend of extended range and electric efficiency makes SERES’ vehicles particularly suited for the UAE’s urban commuting and long-distance travel.

Intelligent Manufacturing and C.A.R.E Philosophy

Intelligent Manufacturing and C.A.R.E Philosophy

The SERES’ Intelligent Super Smart Factory was built according to Industry 4.0 standard. With more than 5,000 intelligent equipment, the plant can achieve 100% automation of critical processes. Along with an unparalleled global production efficiency that allows for a new vehicle to be rolled out every 30 seconds. and the world-leading 9000-ton die-casting technology the factory showcases its exceptional manufacturing capabilities in every aspect.

To better serve global users, SERES continues to build on its collaborations with global partners. Future plans include the development of service systems, local sales companies, and the construction of overseas factories.

Additionally, to meet the growing demands of premium consumers, SERES is upgrading the whole service system and approach by implementing the C.A.R.E philosophy, providing intelligent services to enhance the luxurious experience for users. Driving the Future of Intelligent Mobility

SERES’ vehicle roster is not just redefining luxury; it’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with intelligent driving. SERES is introducing a future where intelligent, eco-friendly vehicles are accessible to UAE drivers. As SERES continues to lead the automotive energy transformation, the future of driving in the UAE looks brighter, greener, and more exciting than ever.

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