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The Dawn of an all-electric future begins: Cadillac Middle East is taking orders now for its first electric vehicle, LYRIQ Al Awael

13 Jul 2023
  • What are the design features and specifications of the Cadillac Lyriq Al Aweal?

The wait is finally over. Cadillac announced today that from July 10th, 2023, loyal customers and luxury-electric vehicle enthusiasts in UAE and Kuwait, will be able to order the LYRIQ Al Awael, Cadillac’s first electric vehicle.

“Al Awael” which translates to “the firsts”, will be the inaugural edition of LYRIQ available for discernable luxury customers across UAE and Kuwait. For those excited to join Cadillac on this new dawn and be among the first to reserve a unit, are asked to complete the interest form available online on the Cadillac website. Cadillac’s dealer partner will contact you to commence the reservation process and reserve your spot on the exclusive list of firsts to own the LYRIQ.

Since the global reveal of Cadillac LYRIQ, the vehicle has been anticipated with great excitement. In addition to being Cadillac’s first-ever fully electric vehicle, LYRIQ seamlessly fuses state-of-the-art technology with breathtaking design and elevates the standards of refinement.

Cadillac LYRIQ Al Awael design and specifications

Cadillac LYRIQ Al Awael design and specifications

LYRIQ Al Awael model will be available exclusively in Celestial Metallic armor exterior color with panoramic black sunroof and an Oxford Stone interior with exclusive badging. The LYRIQ comes packed with a host of impressive features that have been designed with both connectivity and safety at the heart of the vehicle. As part of General Motors commitment to prioritizing safety, the LYRIQ also includes a three-year OnStar subscription for enhanced connectivity.

Kristian Aquilina, Managing Director, Cadillac International Operations and Cadillac Middle East said: "Our journey to an all-electric future starts now, with the epitome of sophistication, the exquisite LYRIQ. Powered by General Motor’s Ultium platform and curated with over 120 years of Cadillac’s design craftmanship, it combines looks, performance, advanced technology and exclusivity to provide an unparalleled driving experience. With LYRIQ Al Awael, the first electric vehicle to reach our region, we invite loyalists, pioneers and optimists to inaugurate the new era of luxury electric mobility and lead the way forward.”

Cadillac LYRIQ Al Awael is available with premier technologies and stirring performance capabilities enabled by the vehicle’s dedicated electric architecture. A 12-module, 102 kilowatt-hour battery pack and an all-wheel-drive Ultium Platform deliver a Cadillac estimated 500 horsepower and 610 Nm of torque, and a range of approximately 494 km with a full charge¹.

Aesthetically, LYRIQ Al Awael is a sight to behold. The interior is clean and simple with a focus on secondary and tertiary design elements, including intricate laser etched patterns through wood over metal décor, which has never been done before. The large, curved 33” diagonal advanced LED screen is the centerpiece, alongside the distinctive black crystal grille, and all the components are incorporated artfully, blurring the lines of separation among technology, lighting and décor.

A limited number of orders will be accepted. Aspiring owners across UAE and Kuwait are encouraged to claim their spot quickly to be amongst the first to join this new epoch of driving in the Middle East.

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