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Nissan creates custom kimonos for Formula E

03 Apr 2024
  • What makes the kimonos provided by Nissan for its Formula E competitors unique?

In the world of sports, where competition goes beyond the track to the corridors of innovation and creativity, Nissan, the iconic Japanese brand, stands to highlight its deep appreciation for its culture and heritage through a unique gesture. Coinciding with the holding of the Formula E race in Tokyo, which holds special significance as it is the first race on its soil, the Nissan Formula E team collaborated with the famous Japanese designer Jun Nakamura to create masterpieces of textile art that appear in the form of custom kimonos inspired by the colors and designs of the 11 teams competing in the world championship.

Nissan introduces custom kimonos

Nissan introduces custom kimonos

This move embodies the Japanese ideal of omotenashi, a concept deeply rooted in Japanese culture that carries the values of warm hospitality and fully welcoming guests. In this spirit, Nissan is offering kimonos inspired by each of its 10 rival teams as a welcome gift, sending them a clever message: “Feel comfortable, but not too comfortable,” in reference to the intense competition the team expects on the race track.

Hailing from Kyoto and known for his successful shows at London Fashion Week and appearances in the pages of such prestigious magazines as Vogue and Elle, Nakamura is known for his focus on fusing traditional Japanese techniques with modern, contemporary design. He worked in collaboration with sustainable artisans in Japan to transform these kimonos into unique pieces of art, demonstrating Formula E and Nissan's commitment to sustainability, knowing that the kimonos are traditionally made in a "zero waste" method, using an entire spool of fabric without cutting, which is a wonderful parallel to the championship. The world of Formula E, which in 2020 became the first global sport to obtain a net-zero carbon emissions certificate since its inception.

Jun Nakamura, designer and founder of JU-NNA, comments on this project by saying: “Kimonos have great importance in Japanese culture, so the invitation to design kimonos for an iconic Japanese brand like Nissan was very exciting. My connection with kimonos began at a young age, as my family owned a kimono company and "My father wears one to work. With this special collection, we aim to show Japan's hospitality, so I designed the kimonos inspired by the colors of the teams and their cars."

For his part, Tommaso Volpi, General Manager and Team Manager, expresses his pride in partnering with an accomplished fashion designer like John to welcome the competing teams in an authentic and authentic way. He points out that the first race in Tokyo represents a very important moment for the team, which draws its roots and spirit from Japan. After achieving two consecutive podiums, the team is showing great confidence, welcoming its competitors to enjoy Japanese hospitality, but in the spirit of intense competition in the home race.

This wonderful gesture from Nissan sets an example of how to value culture and tradition and combine them with modernity and innovation in the world of sports, thus strengthening bridges of communication and respect between different cultures in the global arena.

Wael Nakhle

BY Wael Nakhle

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