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Unveiling the Porsche 212 Skibob

30 Nov 2023
  • What are the design features of the Porsche 212 Skibob?
  • What is the price tag of the Porsche 212 Skibob?

Porsche has long been synonymous with sleek sports cars, but the brand's versatility extends far beyond four wheels. The Porsche 212 Skibob, a peculiar winter accessory, is a testament to the company's foray into unconventional realms. As this vintage snow cruiser heads to auction through RM Sotheby's, it's time to explore the fascinating world of skibobbing and how Porsche left its mark on this unique winter activity.

Porsche 212 Skibob: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

 Porsche 212 Skibob: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

Skibobbing, a winter sport that seamlessly blends elements of sledding and skiing, took an unexpected turn when Porsche collaborated with skibob manufacturer Arova to introduce the Porsche 212 in 1970. Unlike traditional skibobs with exposed frames, the Porsche 212 boasts a distinctive design, featuring an enclosed polyfoam body that sets it apart from the crowd.

Constructed with aluminum struts equipped with Suspa brand shocks and fiberglass skis, the Porsche 212 provides a thrilling and stable ride down snowy slopes. The rider controls the skibob by leaning left and right, mimicking the experience of steering a bicycle. To enhance stability, riders are encouraged to wear a pair of short skis, completing the unique winter sports ensemble.

What truly makes the Porsche 212 stand out is its practical design. The skibob's body gives it the ability to fold up, facilitating easy transportation to and from the ski hills. The aluminum struts collapse, bringing the skis flush with the exterior, while the seat opens on a hinge to reveal space for the handlebars and its shaft. Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, the Porsche 212 is remarkably lightweight, making it an ideal companion for winter adventures.

Remarkable Size and Storage: A Perfect Fit for Porsche Enthusiasts

Remarkable Size and Storage: A Perfect Fit for Porsche Enthusiasts

In a surprising twist, the compact size of the Porsche 212 was designed to fit conveniently under the hood of a Porsche 911 at the time. This clever integration showcases Porsche's commitment to seamless design, offering enthusiasts the chance to take their skibob along for the ride without compromising valuable cargo space.

As the Porsche 212 Skibob goes under the hammer at RM Sotheby's auction, anticipation is high for this rare and quirky piece of Porsche history. With a price estimate ranging from $6,000 to $8,000, this vintage winter accessory is sure to capture the attention of collectors and Porsche enthusiasts alike. Previous sales at RM Sotheby's and P-Car Market have seen the Porsche Skibob fetching $8,400 in 2020 and $6,898 in 2022, respectively, adding to its allure.

The Porsche 212 Skibob is more than just a winter toy; it's a testament to Porsche's innovative spirit and willingness to explore unconventional avenues. As collectors eagerly await the outcome of the upcoming auction, one thing is certain – whoever becomes the proud owner of this vintage gem will not only have a unique piece of Porsche history but also the coolest winter accessory at the ski lodge this season.

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15 Mar 2024

Amalgam Collection has today revealed that they have started development of a Limited Edition of 1:18 scale models perfectly replicating the unique Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Made that sold at auction for $5.1m in New York, last October. Limited to 250 pieces, this special Art Car edition is a celebration of the passion and artistry of Ferrari Centro Stile, and will become a much sought-after collectable, especially appealing to Ferrari’s most ardent followers who also appreciate art and design. The creative team at Amalgam anticipate that the edition of models will be completed by their artisans in Autumn 2024. Currently, models in this exceptional edition are only available to pre-order directly from Amalgam Collection.

The new Limited Edition of 250 1:18 scale models follows in the footsteps of the creation by Amalgam of a unique 1:8 scale model last year. The handcrafted 1:8 model was donated by Amalgam Collection and raised significant funding for the Ferrari Foundation, alongside the real car that fetched $5.1 million USD.

Using the original CAD data supplied by Ferrari Centro Stile, Amalgam’s artisans have been able to perfectly recreate the form and every refined detail of the livery of the unique 812 Competizione Tailor Made. The model only received the approval of Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni and his design team once they were fully satisfied with its accuracy of representation.

Sandy Copeman, Founder of Amalgam Collection, commented: “While our models are often described as works of art, and are indeed artistic in their creation, in truth, since they deliver the essence of the cars they represent, ultimately the beauty of our models is dependent on the beauty of the car they capture. In this instance, there is no question that both the car and models are art.”

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