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The Lamborghini’s New Gaming Chair Is Piece of Art, and Here’s why

04 Jun 2023
  • What is the design Lamborghini’s New Gaming Chair?
  • What is special about this gaming chair?

Gaming, or probably sitting for a long time on a chair using your computer, is a serious matter that might lead to hurting your back and bones. Some people stay for a long amount of unhealthy time playing video games. You’ll need a good gaming chair for your long hours of sitting behind your desk, whether for gaming, for working, for streaming, or whatever… Lamborghini has released its new gaming chair, and it’s really a piece of art.

A Combination between High-Performance and Comfort

A Combination between High-Performance and Comfort

The new Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition gaming chair combines high-performance comfort with the Lamborghini heritage in designing its sports cars. The Secretlab chairs has always been known for being engineered to give maximum comfort and best ergonomics during long hours of work and gaming. Secretlab must have decided that: “No, making just a comfortable chair isn’t enough. It has to be visually appealing”

What can be visually appealing? A Lamborghini car? Here’s when Lamborghini and Secretlab combine their efforts to make one of the most beautiful looking gaming chair. How can a chair look attractive? I don’t know, but Lamborghini did it. Lamborghini gave it a beautiful look, and Secretlab made it extremely comfortable.

A Design with the Lamborghini DNA

A Design with the Lamborghini DNA

The chair has a carbon fiber shell on the back rest, and it pays tribute to the lightweight strategy and materials to improve the aerodynamics of a Lamborghini supercar and enhance its weight distribution. The shape of this handcrafted carbon fiber shell is inspired by the smooth and clean surfaces and edges of Lamborghini cars; it combines the Lamborghini design DNA with the Secret lab TITAN Evo 2022 chair.

Lamborghini seats, which are known as being comfortable even though they’re sporty, have inspired our Secret lab chair at the end. Above the backrest lies the Automobile Lamborghini shield logo. Under it, Lamborghini has put more of its beautiful touches by printing the Y shapes that we’re used to seeing on Lamborghini cars’ beautiful Alcantara seats. Speaking of which, the eye-pleasing Secret lab for Automobile Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition gaming chair is upholstered in exquisite Alcantara leather, which is often used in high-performance cars. As the Italian manufacturer always does, it pays attention to every detail, so it didn’t forget to include the Italian logo on the chair.

More and More Details

What’s special about this chair is that you don’t only have to look at it from far away to appreciate its beauty. You have to looks at its details closely to appreciate the fine art in it, just like in an Italian supercar. You’ll find more Y shapes around the carbon fiber shell in the back, and you’ll appreciate the beauty of the colored stitching.

And as I said, it’s not only about beauty, but comfort as well. The chair is optimized with L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System for better ergonomics, and it’s layered with cooling gel to get rid of the heat to maintain the comfort throughout the day.

A Limited Edition Chair

A Limited Edition Chair

A beautiful specific number “di 50” is crafted on the shell. It indicates that only 50 units will be made. A number X of 50, “… di 50”, will indicate which unit is your chair of the 50 units only made. Secretlab says that the quantity is limited so that they be able of making the chair with the best quality and best ergonomics ever so that they can provide maximum comfort and beauty.

As you’d expect from something made by Lamborghini, and from something that is limited to specific quantity, the price of the Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition gaming chair is kind of expensive, about 890 dollars. You’ll find it at the Secretlab stores, or you can buy it from their online shop.

Hani Moustafa

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