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Avani Offers Adventure with Purpose at Four UNESCO Recognised Sites

28 Oct 2023
  • What is UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer to its visitors?

With the 2024 travel season around the corner, Avani Hotels and Resorts, a lifestyle brand for millennial-minded travellers, invites guests to discover UNESCO-recognised sites that transcend seasonal boundaries and offer a trove of sustainable activities year-round. From sunrise picnics in Angkor Wat and almsgiving with monks in Luang Prabang to coral planting in Baa Atoll and bungee-jumping over Victoria Falls, each Avani hotel offers a collection of cultural and natural adventures designed to create a profound bond with a place of global historical and aesthetic significance. 

Adventure with Purpose at Four UNESCO Recognized Sites

Adventure with Purpose at Four UNESCO Recognized Sites

Home to over 250 species of coral and 1,200 species of fish, Baa Atoll is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where nature lovers can feed their passion for conservation and wildlife with coral planting and reef preservation activities led by a team of marine experts at Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort. The extraordinary diversity of Baa Atoll’s marine ecosystem is on full display at Hanifaru Bay where guests can dive with manta rays, while turtle quests and night-time snorkelling amid shimmering blankets of bioluminescent plankton offer a change of perspective and a thrill few experiences can rival. Above the sea, the turquoise waters off the island of Fares offer excellent kayaking, paddle boarding, jet-skiing, windsurfing, sailing and romantic sunset cruises on dhoni boats.

Over in Laos, where natural tranquillity meets cultural diversity, Avani+ Luang Prabang provides visitors with an unrivalled access to an enchanting ancient city designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests can fill their days exploring the old town on guided tours, with stops at historic temples, traditional Lao houses and colonial-era architectural gems; get a sense of the slow-paced local life as they cruise along the Mekong past villages and sacred caves; and shop for local produce, handicrafts and textiles at the buzzing morning market. A deeply spiritual experience is the early-morning almsgiving ritual, offering guests a unique opportunity to meet Buddhist monks as they collect offerings in exchange for blessings and advice.

Situated a 10-minute drive from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, FCC Angkor by Avani is a perfect base from which to explore the largest religious monument in the world that preserves the rich history and mythology of the ancient Khmer empire. Apart from guided tours of Angkor Archaeological Park and scenic countryside rides, Avani guests can also explore the vast temple area by open vintage Jeep, visit lesser known religious sites with a Vespa tour, or book the exclusive Angkor Wat sunrise experience with gourmet picnic. For an insight into Cambodia’s mixology scene, guests can join a local gin distillery for a workshop in their botanical garden followed by a cocktail tasting at FCC’s signature Scribe bar.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the spectacular Victoria Falls is within earshot of guests staying at Avani Victoria Falls Resort, Zambia. Thrill-seekers can take part in adrenaline-pumping activities such as helicopter rides over the falls, bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge and white-water rafting, while serene river cruises through lush rainforest offer excellent wildlife-spotting opportunities. Guests who want to explore the awe-inspiring falls up close, can book guided tours to learn about the history, geology and local legends surrounding the natural wonder that is poetically referred to by the locals as “smoke that thunders.”

For guests seeking new ways to connect with the places they visit, UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer the best of both worlds: stunning natural and cultural attractions that also contribute to the global good through their conservation and preservation efforts. Whether it's witnessing the majesty of Angkor Wat or standing in awe of Victoria Falls, Avani opens the gateway to immersive and transformative experiences that not only captivate the soul, but also safeguard the planet’s most treasured places.

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