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Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection: A Fusion of Mythology and Modern Luxury

09 Jul 2024
  • What are the new Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection Curations?

Range Rover has unveiled a groundbreaking collection that redefines luxury performance SUVs—the Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection. This limited edition consists of five meticulously crafted curations, each inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos. These exclusive vehicles, offered to selected clients, embody sophistication and harmony through bespoke designs: Gaea, Theia, Io, Vega, and Sol.

The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection is the first of its kind from Range Rover, showcasing a refined vision of modern luxury inspired by the cosmos. Each curation within the collection represents a unique interpretation of celestial themes, combining bespoke colors and finishes with 23-inch wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber bonnets, and symbolic elements throughout the interiors. This transcendent theme not only fascinates but also unites people globally, making it a fitting inspiration for this exclusive collection.

Phoebe Lindsay, Materiality Manager at Range Rover, elaborates: “The idea of mystery and intrigue from the celestial sky was key – the symbolism you can find throughout the collection draws a deeper meaning. These stories have been carefully considered to reflect the exemplary tastes of our clients.”

The Curations

The Curations

Gaea Curation

Inspired by Greek mythology, Gaea symbolizes the Earth, where life began. The Gaea curation features a Green Terre Matte exterior, with Satin Forged Carbon Fiber tailpipes and Carbon Bronze ceramic calipers. The interior offers two options: Caraway Windsor leather with Natural Brown Silver Birch wooden finishers, or a leather-free Ebony and Cinder Grey with matching steering wheel and Natural Black-Silver Birch finishers. The slanted wave symbol represents the harmony between land and sea.

Theia Curation

Theia, associated with sight and shimmering light, is inspired by the Titaness from Greek mythology. The exterior boasts a warm-toned Ilmenite Grey Satin paint with metallic flake, and 23-inch forged wheels in champagne gold. The interior features Ebony and Ecru Windsor leather or a dramatic Ebony and Pimento Windsor Leather, complemented by a Grand Black gloss finisher symbolizing sight and light.

Io Curation

Io, the most volcanically active body in the Solar System, inspires a distinctive orange exterior color—Cyllene Gloss. This bright, sophisticated hue mimics Io’s ever-changing surface. The interior options include Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather with Satin Twill carbon fiber accents or a bold Ebony and Rosewood configuration, reflecting the vibrant exterior.

Vega Curation

Named after one of the brightest stars in the Lyra constellation, Vega’s exterior features a unique Verrier Blue gloss color, inspired by the star’s spectrum. The vehicle sports an exposed Carbon Fiber Twill Gloss bonnet, 23-inch wheels, and Nano Yellow carbon ceramic brake calipers. Interior choices include light Ebony and Perlino leather or a darker, leather-free Raven Blue and Ebony option, each with distinctive finishing touches.

Sol Curation

Sol, representing the Sun, dazzles with an Aurora Yellow gloss exterior, echoing the Aurora Borealis. This curation includes a Narvik Gloss black contrast roof, Satin Forged Carbon exterior finishers, and 23-inch Forged Black wheels with Blue Nebula carbon ceramic brake calipers. Interior selections are Navy Windsor leather with Light Cloud stitching or a leather-free Ebony with Nano-Yellow stitching, ensuring a luxurious feel.

Today’s luxury clients seek more than aesthetics—they desire vehicles that forge personal connections. The Celestial Collection aims to meet this demand by offering meticulously crafted, spiritually meaningful vehicles.

Geraldine Ingham, Managing Director at Range Rover, remarks: “We want to create vehicles with which they form personal connections and bonds. The Celestial Collection from Range Rover SV is an ethereal and unique collection of some of our most luxurious vehicles, each beautifully crafted and considered, for the clients who value meaning, spirituality, and storytelling.”

The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection is a testament to Range Rover’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern luxury. Each curation, inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos, offers a unique, personalized vision of the luxury performance SUV, making it a perfect choice for discerning clients who seek both elegance and depth.

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