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Genesis lights up Dubai stage with vision for personalization & performance

19 Dec 2023

Genesis announced its vision for the Middle Eastern region with its personalization and performance projects at the “Distinctly Yours” event, held Wednesday in Dubai.

The event marked a significant milestone for the brand in the region, demonstrating its strong commitment to delivering a hyper-personalized and unparalleled luxury experience for its discerning clientele. Under the creative vision of Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer, attendees experienced the unveiling of two One of One cars, marking the first public showcase of the brand’s bespoke program.

In addition to the exclusive One of One models, Donckerwolke also revealed three performance-based projects: the GV80 Coupe Concept, G80 Performance, and X Gran Berlinetta Concept. These cars embody the fusion of emotion and dynamics, each representing varying iterations of the brand’s design philosophy of “Athletic Elegance.”

The event brought together Genesis’ partners, VIPs, and media under the concept of “Distinctly Yours,” providing an immersive experience highlighting the brand's dedication to the region while presenting its direction for personalization and performance.

One of One’s Potential Realized in the Middle East

One of One’s Potential Realized in the Middle East

The “One of One” name originates from the art scene, which refers to art pieces and collectibles issued as a single, unique edition. These pieces attract a higher value because they are one-of-a-kind editions with no reproductions. Genesis applies the same concept, making each One of One car an original piece that can be perceived as the most prestigious representation of Genesis.

Genesis first developed the program concept as part of its progression to design authentic and original experiences for its customers, aiming to create a hyper-personalized service that customers could experience beyond the car.

Guided by these goals, Genesis introduced the program to VIP customers with a private showcase in the Middle East in 2021. The brand’s careful yet focused approach served as an opportunity to inform the overall direction and potential of the One of One program in one of the fastest-growing luxury markets in the world.

At the event, Genesis reaffirmed its dedication to delivering the pinnacle of luxury to Middle Eastern customers through the One of One program’s dual-offering approach.

The first option allows for a fully personalized vehicle, meticulously tailored to individual preferences. The second option is the special edition offering, where each edition is exclusively crafted to embody the brand's philosophy as derived from various sources of inspiration—such as specific regions, artists, and events.[1] These special editions represent the brand's reinterpretation of specific themes while ensuring a harmonious blend of external influence with Genesis designs.

The First One of One Model

The First One of One Model

The first car revealed at the event was the brand’s initial One of One model, designed to demonstrate the program and scope. A G90 LONG WHEEL BASE with a two-tone exterior body in black and white, the car comes in a pearlescent paint finish that provides a unique sheen. Meanwhile, its deep black paint coating features red metallic flakes to subtly match the red hue of the interior under sunlight. Red was selected as the interior color to symbolize the impassioned nature of Middle Eastern customers.

The G90’s interior customizations were made based on both design and function to exhibit the range of possibilities Genesis can offer One of One customers. For the trim, a special type of white stone was used to set itself apart from the standard Genesis lineup.

The rear seats featured built-in analog watches that display three separate time zones for the executive traveler. It also comes with a cooler along with a crystal carafe and glasses in the rear console. On the right rear passenger seat, there is a metallic plate that features the signature of Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke, who led the design of this specific G90. The One of One marking also extends to the headrest cushions and treadplates, which are revealed on the door sills—all of which can be replaced with the customer’s name or signature upon request.

The First Special Edition

The First Special Edition

The second car revealed was the GV80 Twilight Special Edition by Genesis One of One, the first special edition introduced by the bespoke program. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing hues and textures of Middle Eastern deserts, the term ‘Twilight’ symbolizes the convergence of two lights—as the sun sets and the moon rises—similar to the meeting of two cultures, the Middle East and Korea.

In addition, the brushed pattern perfected by Genesis’ proprietary painting technique is also designed to convey the undulating and sandy texture that express the traces of wind on desert sand.

The car unveiled at the event came in a two-tone gold and black exterior; the gold embodies the golden sand of the desert while the orange interior color depicts the orange-colored sky during sunset. Genesis designed another variant of the Twilight Special Edition that comes in blue and black—the blue represents the Arabian skies right after sunset. The GV80 Twilight Special Edition by Genesis One of One was created exclusively for the Middle East region and will be available in both colors, limited to 20 cars.

Omar Al-Zubaidi, Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Middle East & Africa, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, stating, "The Genesis One of One Program represents a pivotal moment for us, aligning with our vision to deliver unparalleled luxury experiences. With the launch of our exclusive bespoke cars, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of luxury automotive design."

Athletic Elegance Driven by Performance

Athletic Elegance Driven by Performance

Immediately following the unveiling of the One of One models, Donckerwolke switched gears to the three performance-based projects—all of which were in the energetic Magma color to denote the brand’s vibrant theme. All three models were marked with “Designed by Genesis” to signify the brand’s pride in introducing its high-performance vision.

First unveiled in New York last April, the four-passenger GV80 Coupe Concept made waves by introducing a new facet to the Genesis brand by combining the practicality of a lifestyle-oriented SUV with the dynamism of a sports car. At the time, Donckerwolke had promised to “inject more adrenaline and fun into the brand.”

Referencing this promise, Donckerwolke presented the G80 Performance for the first time. He referred to the car as “the thoroughbred of the G80 family” and mentioned that everything from the design to the aerodynamics and suspension were modified to enhance the athletic component of the car. Genesis partnered with companies known for their competencies in increasing the performance capabilities of cars to achieve this.

Donckerwolke underlined that the G80 Performance is “Designed by Genesis” and that the brand will release details on production, pricing, timing, and technical specs at a later date. The G80 Performance will be a limited series of up to 20 models and will be available in the Middle East with various options for customers to further personalize it to their needs and tastes.

The final reveal for the evening was the X Gran Berlinetta Concept that was first introduced in Barcelona on Dec. 2 at the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series Finals. The concept car was created as part of Polyphony Digital’s Vision Gran Turismo series and will be available to race in the game starting January 2024.

As a concept born from a design study demonstrating Genesis’ passion and intent for the Vision Gran Turismo series, the car perfectly embodies Genesis’ characteristic Athletic Elegance design philosophy.

On the unveiling of the three cars, Donckerwolke stated, “We wanted to showcase our commitment to delivering a driving experience that is both emotionally charged and dynamically vibrant. These cars embody the perfect synergy of performance and passion, providing a glimpse into the exciting direction that Genesis is exploring.”

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