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01 Mar 2023

With strong success in the Saudi Arabian market, ALTAWKILAT has officially cemented luxury automotive brand, Hongqi’s place within the UAE’s luxury automotive market as its exclusive distributor in the country. An event held at St. Regis Al Saadiyat Island Resort on February 7, 2023 celebrated this partnership.

The inaugural event, attended by highly respected VIPs and businessmen, saw the presence of Eng. Mohammed Salahuddin Abduljawad, Chairman and CEO of ALTAWKILAT, Fathy Allam, General Manager of ALTAWKILAT, and Cheng Zhang, Director of Hongqi in the Middle East, alongside senior officials from both companies, highlighted the unique offerings Hongqi brings to the UAE market as a luxury brand with a long legacy, including the brand’s All-New Ousado.

Hongqi Osado luxury sedan unveiled

Hongqi Osado luxury sedan unveiled

Ousado’s world inaugural reveal took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in December 2022, and the four-door luxury sedan was officially introduced to the UAE market at last night’s event. Guests at the event were able to see the new model first-hand as it boasted an updated exterior that is more modern and streamlined than its predecessors, a new four-cylinder, two-litre turbo engine and some of the most advanced safety features to fully represent and deliver a luxurious driving experience.

Eng. Mohammed Salahuddin Abduljawad, ALTAWKILAT Chairman and CEO, commented: We are very excited to be establishing Hongqi in the UAE. Seeing the brand perform exceedingly well in KSA and other markets was the catalyst for our decision to expand and bring our exclusive Hongqi facilities to the UAE as well, and we are looking forward to seeing the market’s developments with the growth of this brand.

Also commenting on the brand’s long-awaited launch under ALTAWKILAT in the UAE, Cheng Zhang, Director of Hongqi in the Middle East, said: “All of Hongqi’s vehicles are equipped with high quality, state-of-the-art features, using the same manufacturing standards as national leaders to create models with luxury and comfort at the forefront, while also integrating driving control and safety. Hongqi not only stands for luxury and prestige, but also for heritage. There is a long history behind this brand that makes it a subject of pride, considering how far it has come.

We proudly say that Hongqi represents the national image with the concept and technology of leading times, and we believe it is now time for us to share this pride with the world. Hongqi is unique in many ways, and in the UAE, it will be refreshing to see more of the brand’s products on the road. It is a brand that first places customers in mind, promising to provide them with better products and services without making any compromises. With its top-tier quality and aesthetics, we believe that Hongqi vehicles are well-rounded vehicles that will meet, and even exceed, the expectations of those interested in them.

Hongqi strives to exceed expectations and have a strong presence in the UAE market

Hongqi strives to exceed expectations and have a strong presence in the UAE market

For over 65 years, Hongqi has taken pride in its craft when developing its models, with both superior aesthetics and modern technology placed on a high pedestal. Hongqi vehicles are known to be equipped with parts from some of the world’s top car part suppliers, including Bose, Bosch and Michelin, with all of its vehicles featuring streamlined designs by the world’s most renowned designers.

Commenting on the brand’s entry into the UAE, Fathy Allam, ALTAWKILAT - Hongqi General Manager said: “Hongqi’s development as a brand has always been very impressive, and this is why we are confident that it would bring great value for us in this region. Just as it has in Saudi Arabia, we are confident that Hongqi will be able to thrive in the UAE, and we committed to providing all those interested in the brand with a customer experience that reflects its high standards and value.”

The brand’s new presence in the UAE under an exclusive partnership with ALTAWKILAT was announced in December, 2022. With plans to open more facilities across the country in the near future, the first of the distributor’s facilities in the UAE is now open in Abu Dhabi, where Hongqi vehicles, including their newest Ousado, are available for purchase with after-sales benefits unlike any of those currently provided by other trademarks in the UAE. These benefits include 7 years of unlimited kilometers manufacturer warranty, 7 years of road-side assistance and 7 free periodic maintenance visits (or 3 years whichever comes first).

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