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INFINITI’s “Moment of tranquility” wins International Sound Award

06 Oct 2023

INFINITI today announced its new signature sound has won the Audio Branding Category in the 2023 International Sound Awards (ISA).

INFINITI’s master track, titled “Moment of Tranquility,” was chosen by an international expert jury for masterfully mixing a sound to reflect the brand’s core values. Leveraging instruments from the brand’s birthplace Japan, together with a human voice, the result is a powerful, yet serene soundtrack.

Moment of Tranquility for Infiniti

“Experiences are made more memorable when multiple senses are engaged – with sound playing a vital role in this orchestration,” said INFINITI Global Divisional General Manager Sam Xin. “As a human-centric brand, our aspiration is to create meaningful ways to connect with our customer. We’re honored to accept an award that validates our dedication to this mission.”

INFINITI’s master soundtrack serves as the foundation for the brand’s new sound (or sonic) logo and has been created for use at brand activations around the globe.

Created in concert with audio branding agency why do birds the award-winning piece creates a sense of anticipation by marrying powerful Japanese musical elements with more serene sounds to deliver a harmonious balance. A taiko drum, the embodiment of human performance and power, contrasts with a soft furin (Japanese wind chime), an instrument played only by the wind, to add a layer of tranquility and refinement. True to INFINITI's brand value of "Human", the sound is anchored around a voice humming, as a signal to all senses that something exciting is about to happen.

The ISA recognizes innovative sound projects, products and services that contribute to their motto: Make The World Sound Better.

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