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Nissan celebrates World EV Day 2023 by spotlighting decades of innovation

19 Sep 2023
  • What are the EV models that Nissan is showcasing in World EV Day?

In celebration of World EV Day, Nissan has showcased its most ground-breaking and creative electric vehicles that the brand innovated over the past seven decades. In a distinctive, comic-book styled video released on the brand’s official social channels, Nissan cemented its role as a pioneer in sustainable mobility, developing electric concepts and vehicles for a variety of lifestyles and situations.

In line with its daring spirit, Nissan has long proven the true potential of sustainable mobility with the introduction of the Tama in 1947 and the LEAF, the world’s first mass market EV in 2010. Both models, lay the groundwork for the flagship all-electric Ariya, which made its first regional appearance at Expo 2020 Dubai and served as a symbol of the future of mobility.

This year’s celebration of World EV Day is in line with Nissan’s latest milestone of selling over one million EVs globally and is made even more special with the brand preparing to commemorate its 90th anniversary later this year.

The seven innovative models

The seven innovative models

1) LEAF NISMO RC: The LEAF NISMO RC was introduced in 2011 to demonstrate the potential and capabilities of all-electric motorsport models. The car represented Nissan’s commitment to sustainability on the racetrack, a decade before the brand’s entrance into Formula E.

2) e-NV200 WORKSPACE: Back in 2016 – long before the pandemic and the work-from-home revolution – Nissan showcased the future of working from anywhere with the e-NV200 WORKSPACE – the world’s first all-electric mobile office! The electric van was repurposed to feature amenities crucial to remote working, including a fold-out desk, wireless internet and even a coffee machine. Coupled with its speedy charging capabilities, this concept proved the ability to work on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

3) e-NV200 Ice Cream Van: The e-NV200 Ice Cream Van concept was designed for World Clean Air Day in 2019 as a means of proving there could (and should) be an alternative to the older, largely diesel-run traditional ice cream vans. Boosted by wind and solar energies, this model quite literally took the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) out of ice cream with a more sustainable, circular route, all the way from sky to scoop!

4) RE-LEAF: Launched in 2020, the RE-LEAF was designed to provide aid to areas affected by natural disasters and extreme weather events. With modifications such as the ability to navigate debris-filled roads and weatherproof charging sockets, this model could come to the rescue of those most in need.

5) Land Glider: From the track to the city, the Nissan Land Glider sought to show the world just how easy urban driving could be. With its unique cocoon-like structure and four-wheel stability, this daring model showed the world what EVs of the future, operating in bustling metropolises, could look like!

6) e-NV200 Winter Camper: This model featured an integrated kitchen, fridge, and folding bed to aid users in their winter adventures. Boasting insulated glass and multiple tuning upgrades to help navigate treacherous road conditions, the Winter Camper showed off the ability of EV users to spark their own winter wanderlust without ever having to fear their vehicle letting them down.

7) Ariya e-4ORCE: Nissan’s Pole to Pole Expedition Ariya e-4ORCE is exploring where no EV has gone before and is showing the true potential of electric mobility. The modified Ariya, designed to withstand all types of terrain and conditions, is currently blazing a trail from Pole to Pole crushing any misconceptions on what EVs can achieve.

As part of Ambition 2030, Nissan’s long-term vision for empowering mobility and beyond, the brand will deliver exciting, electrified vehicles and technological innovations globally. This vision is supported by the brand’s goal to be carbon neutral across the life cycle of its products by fiscal year 2050.

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