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Nissan demonstrates autonomous-drive mobility services progress on public roads

04 Jun 2024
  • How does the enhanced sensor suite of the Nissan LEAF prototype improve its performance in predicting pedestrian behavior and navigating complex urban environments?

Nissan has commenced demonstrations of a prototype vehicle equipped with its in-house-developed, autonomous drive technologies - showcasing progress in its goal towards rolling out autonomous mobility services within fiscal year 2027.

Advancing Urban Autonomy

Advancing Urban Autonomy

The Nissan LEAF prototype vehicle incorporates 14 cameras, 10 radars and 6 LIDAR sensors. It demonstrates Nissan’s progress in the field of autonomous driving, particularly within complex urban environments. Compared to earlier prototypes the company has demonstrated, the latest test vehicle features an array of roof- mounted sensors, significantly expanding the detection area and enabling more accurate detection of its surroundings.

As a result, recognition performance, behavioral prediction, and judgment functions, as well as control functions have been enhanced, delivering smooth operation in a variety of complex scenarios. Around the busy streets of Yokohama, close to Nissan’s global headquarters in Japan, the LEAF prototype is able to smoothly demonstrate its ability to predict the behavior of pedestrians, conduct lane changes when merging, and judge when to safely enter intersections.

Nissan has been studying business models for future mobility services since fiscal year 2017. While the current demonstration is being conducted at SAE Level 2 equivalent with a safety driver present, the company aims to continue to expand functionality and to begin offering autonomous-drive mobility services within Japan, starting in fiscal year 2027*, working with third parties such as local authorities and transport operators.

In the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, Nissan aims to begin trials in the Minato Mirai area, and plans to progress to service demonstration tests within fiscal year 2025. During the trials, the level of autonomous driving functionality will be

gradually increased while assessing customer acceptance, with the aim of providing driverless services.

This initiative is being conducted in close cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; and other central ministries. The ministries will also promote initiatives to realize new autonomous mobility services at the Level 4 Mobility Acceleration Committee that they organize.

Nissan’s long-term vision is to empower mobility by solving transportation service issues faced by local communities. Local communities, particularly within Japan have been facing several mobility challenges, such as driver shortages, which are a result of an ageing population. Supporting a resolution to this challenge, Nissan will provide a broad range of new services that enable free movement.

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Lucid Expands its Presence in the Middle East, Bringing the Award-Winning Lucid Air to UAE

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“The expansion of Lucid into the United Arab Emirates is a significant milestone for the company,” said Faisal Sultan, Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East at Lucid. “The region continues to build momentum in its shift towards sustainable energy, emerging as a key market in EV ownership. With our studios in Riyadh and now in Dubai, we look forward to providing drivers in the Middle East and its surrounding areas with the innovative and dynamic experience of the award-winning Lucid Air.”

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