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2024 Renault Koleos: A Showroom Sensation at Renault of Arabian Automobiles

26 Mar 2024
  • What are the features and specifications of the 2024 Renault Koleos?

The 2024 Koleos is the most popular model on the showroom floor at Renault of Arabian Automobiles on the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The justification for this becomes apparent within a few minutes of being there.

The allure of the SUV is undeniable as it beckons visitors with its poised stance and commanding presence on the showroom floor. Its meticulously crafted lines and sophisticated design speak of a bold vehicle that is both a visual and technological marvel, promising a pre-test drive introduction that will make a real impression.

In a chat with a sales consultant at Renault of Arabian Automobiles, known for his expertise, the familiarity of the Koleos on UAE roads gains new insight. His assured character and warm reception captivate those he meets. Yet, it's his detailed and passionate exposition of this model in particular that truly reveals where his dedication lies.

The new 2024 Koleos

The new 2024 Koleos

“This is the new 2024 Koleos model” he begins confidently. “It’s an all-wheel drive, it’s a 2.5 litre engine, 170 Horsepower. It comes with European car components, including the engine, battery, gearbox, air conditioning, and chassis. Let's start, though, with its safety features. The car comes with 6 airbags, number 1. Blind spot warning, number 2. Tyre pressure monitoring system, any airlessness, any puncture shows up in the scree, number 3. You have child locks, both sides of the door, number 4, and ISOFIX, either side of the seats, number 5.”

Expanding on safety, he adds, "Our latest model has a panoramic sunroof that's really safe. If it senses something in the way while closing, like someone's skin, it'll stop and open again, number 6. And we also have an electric boot. If it touches something, like a person's head or shoulder, while closing, it'll open back up, number 7."

He’s clearly a man who appreciates his numbers and this helps to put the most appealing benefits and distinctive features front of mind for the people he’s speaking to.

His fond for detail is evident as he continues, "Let's talk convenience. Firstly, you've got the remote engine start. You can start the car standing outside, so the air conditioning starts - number 1," he explains. He continues, "You've got easy entry and exit from the door itself without rolling the key from a pocket. That's number 2. Number 3, you've got a start-stop button to start the car. Number 4 - when you have luggage in your hand, the key in your pocket, you go behind and sensors open up the boot automatically."

In his monologue, he then guides prospective buyers inside, "Now when you see here, you've got leg extension for both rows, high support for long travel, electrical adjustable seats. Every brand has this, so what's different? This is 8-way adjustable." He adds that with the R-Link display screen, one can save seating preferences for five family member profiles and it can feel as if this facet could change one’s whole world with the way the Renault spokesperson presents it.

"Your front has three massage settings. That's number 1. Both seats are ventilated, heating, and cooling - number 2" he extolls with a beaming expression.

Proudly showcasing advanced technology, he explains, "The car has auto parking. It pops itself between two cars. Garage, perpendicular, parallel angles, everything. It moves on its own. The car goes inside the parking space and the car gets out also on its own, without you touching the steering wheel itself.”

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