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GM Middle East pioneers ‘Technologist’ role across dealerships to enhance education on in-vehicle technology

06 Jan 2024

General Motors Middle East continues to expand its mission for a connected and electrified future of mobility through the introduction of a dedicated in-dealer technologist role, that champions education and exposure for potential and existing customers to EV technology, vehicle connectivity and sophisticated in-vehicle technologies. 

A step closer into the realm of EVs

A step closer into the realm of EVs

The newly presented position by GM advances its transformation as a company, whilst bringing on board six dealer partners to pilot the role for Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac. The move spans various regional markets of operation including Bin Hamoodah Auto in UAE, Alamana Auto for Sale Automotive Vehicles Co. SPC and Behbehani Motors Company in Kuwait, Mansour Automotive Company (MAC) in Iraq, National Motors Company in Bahrain, and Aljomaih Automotive (AAC) in Saudi Arabia. Alongside the 12 dealership Technologists hired, OnStar – GM’s innovative in-vehicle technology, has also assigned 17 Technologists from its own suite of OnStar Advisors to provide 24/7 product knowledge support via the regional contact center.

The Technologist role facilitates GM’s ambidextrous business strategy, where prior to interacting with customers, technologists are required to complete an extensive training program covering key technologies with, both, online and practical on-product exploration, as well as brand and skill emersion supported by GM subject matter experts. Supplemented by a four-day bootcamp where Technologists work closely with experts to experience the products firsthand through in-person ride and drives, the robust program has been developed meticulously to showcase the technology available to customers and the value that it can add to their overall driving experience.

Integrated with existing dealership teams, the Technologist role is a crucial tool to enable the smooth transition to the next generation of software-defined vehicles planned for the region, empowering added safety, connectivity, personalization, and electrification, emphasizing GM’s vision for a future of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

Louise Wanless, Head of Customer Experience for GM Middle East shared, “Our unique training program ensures our partners can demonstrate vehicle features through sound knowledge and empathetic engagement with our customers. Through expertise, storytelling, energy, and excitement, we can make a real difference to the way our customers experience vehicles in the showroom, introducing them to the wealth of benefits and advantages that in-vehicle technology can provide. We are delighted to be working with our dealership partners and look forward to bringing more candidates into our Technologist network to champion our vision for the future of mobility.”

Today, as the region moves ever closer into the realm of EVs, General Motors is contributing to the electric shift by laying a solid foundation built on education and collaboration. With the new position of Technologist embedded into the fabric of its customer facing operations, GM is walking the talk towards its vision of sustainable and connected mobility.

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