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The INFINITI QX55: Premium Audio Excellence Means It’s Time to Sing

08 Oct 2023

The INFINITI QX55 is dedicated to customization, going above and beyond to acknowledge and cater to each unique preference. This exceptional crossover coupe offers an intuitive realm, inviting both drivers and passengers to embark on a journey of precise auditory tailoring.

Within this immersive audio environment, the power to fine-tune parameters like bass, treble, balance, and more is placed conveniently at your fingertips through INFINITI’s easily accessible technology features. This transformative capability effectively turns the QX55 into a personalized audio canvas, where musical preferences become a fundamental part of your driving experience.

The INFINITI QX55 Premium Audio System

The INFINITI QX55 Premium Audio System

In this harmonious blend, drives transform into captivating performances, and moments behind the wheel evolve into a melodic journey. The fusion of INFINITI’s precision engineering and Bose’s® audio expertise has given birth to a system that elevates your driving experience beyond the ordinary, filling your cabin with rich, immersive sound from a pair of leaders in innovation.

It’s worth noting that silence is oftentimes as golden as the music itself. This is where noise-insulation enters the stage, from the creative technologies within Bose® Active Sound Management (ASM), an unsung hero in ensuring a peaceful cabin ambiance.

Specialized glass panels act as guardians against the intrusion of unwanted external interference. By reducing wind, road, and engine noise, they provide a serene sanctuary within the vehicle. As one revels in a chosen playlist, noise-insulating glass ensures that hearing is undisturbed, allowing every note to shine.

In an age where connectivity rules, the INFINITI QX55 shines. Its audio system seamlessly integrates with navigation and connectivity features, offering a user-friendly, tech-savvy jaunt. Pairing smartphones via Bluetooth is a breeze, and streaming selections is effortlessly enjoyable. The vehicle becomes an extension of the digital world, ensuring an uninterrupted and harmonious audio journey.

All of this occurs whether navigating city streets or embarking on a cross-country road trip, the audio system effortlessly complements sensory appreciation. Directions and alerts come through crystal-clear, enhancing the voyage and maintaining the balance of the cabin. This integration allows one to stay on course while enjoying those favourite tunes.

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